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Swarnil Singhai

Meet Swarnil, born in July 1996 in a small village in Uttar Pradesh, India. A Computer Science graduate with a passion for creating content. Currently a software engineer in Bangalore, specializing in Salesforce, UX Design, HTML, CSS, Jekyll, CRM Analytics, and Data Visualization. The human version of tangled headphones, I love embracing chaos. Motivated by the past, I aspire to grow personally and professionally. Beyond work, I enjoy travelling, partying, taking on projects, and exploring undiscovered topics. Join me in this adventure; let's grow together.


Hello, I’m Swarnil, a 27-year-old software engineer currently based in Bangalore. My journey began in the town of Mahroni, Uttar Pradesh, in July 1996. In pursuit of quality education, I spent my childhood in a boarding school, setting the stage for my academic path. The Kota chapter was quite the rollercoaster – attempts to crack IIT/JEE might not have gone as planned, but fear not, I found my way to LNCT Bhopal, where I pursued Computer Science Engineering.

Discovery Of My Passion For Youtube

Despite graduating without a job offer, In college, I stumbled upon my passion for YouTube. ‘Imswarnil’ became my creative outlet, a channel where each video not only shared tech insights but also reflected my love for creativity. This newfound passion added a positive twist to my journey.

Job Seeker Me

the next chapter unfolded in Bangalore, I spent seven months navigating the challenges of job hunting, determined to land my first job. It was a journey filled with learning and resilience, and it all paid off when I finally got the job.

My First Job, Stream and Salesforce

Started as a web developer in a startup, later at Accenture, my focus unexpectedly shifted to Salesforce. Assigned to the Salesforce stream, I blended technical skills with a creative touch, finding a unique way to make things beautiful within this new domain.

In this tech world, I discovered a newfound interest in UX design, combining my love for art and design. Life in Bangalore is an ongoing adventure, and through ‘Imswarnil,’ I document both my tech journey and personal experiences.

Join #teamswarnil as, at 27, there’s much more to explore and achieve.

Quote: “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt