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When My Subscriber recognize Me In Public

I meet one of my subscriber in forum mall, whitefield in bangalore, no its not first time i met many of my subscribers in bangalore.

when I started youtube I use to think, how Youtubers feel when their subscribers recognize them in public. I am a very small YouTuber only having 6k subscribers and never thought people will recognize me. But many people in Bangalore recognize me, my mostly video viewers are from Bangalore and I am staying in Bangalore. Many times in Bangalore stranger come to me and say I think I know you. I have seen you before. Many times they recognize and say I watch your video you doing good work.

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I am on clound9, Can someone tell me how to handle fame

I Met many subscribers in Bangalore but I never shared this with anyone, I don’t love bragging or flexing on these small activities, but one day I met manager he was my subscriber and 12-year experience IT Guy. I was with my sister and he shared many things like you are doing good work. I watched your video at midnight and completed watching all your videos. my sister was with me and told i am proud of you cutu.

Vlog Of When I Met My Subscriber

When You Meet Your Subscribers and he appreciate your work make your day already best day

I can’t express how happy I was that day by knowing the fact senior people also watch my videos.

Have you ever met your favorite YouTuber? if not then if you meet what you will say to him. and if you are YouTuber how it feels for you when your subscriber appreciates your work. let me know in the comment section. If you ever recognize me in public come to say hi to me. I will love to meet you.

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