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My Salary as Software Engineer Fresher in India ? How Much I Earn ?

As a software engineer, i have seen how much fresher can earn in india. how much salary i get in my company sharing everything what i understood in 2 years of my work experience.
How Much Software Engineer Earn In INdia

In India, We people more interested in money than other aspects of the job & its totally fine. Money plays an important role in your happiness. Everyone wants to be happy.

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I know many people have this question of how much software engineers earn in India. I started my career in its industry in 2018 with a startup. Now I have two years of experience I worked in a startup and now working in MNC. now I can answer your question if are looking for salary related information.

How much can a software engineer earn in India?

In a startup, I was earning 13,000 INR per month. where there are some other startups who pay 50,000 INR per month for freshers. it totally depends where you work. then I moved to Accenture where starting salary from each fresher is 3.5 CTC in 2017 where they get 25,000 in hand. where one of my friends got a job in amazon. he got 8 LPA package I am not sure how much he earns but I am sure it will be more than 50,000 INR per month. I also met people who work for 8000 INR per month in Bangalore startups.

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so you can not predict exact how much you are going to earn but if we try to find an average salary of software engineers it is 510000 INR per month [ Source PayScale ].

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You Can Search On Payscale To Get Salary of your company. they provide an average so that you have a good idea. imagine if you want to know the salary of java developer in India. you will get a report on payscale same for other streams like web developer, UI/UX designer. Payscale provides you with data related to the salary of its employees.

I Created This video based on my past 2 years of experience. you can watch to get more ideas about the salary of fresher in the IT industry.

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I hope you will answer your software engineer salary related question from these quora threads.

Quora always provide me helpful answers, if you are having any question I will suggest you search on quora. if you enjoyed this article do share, no too lazy to share okay then comment if you have any feedback. I am going to make a resume need to switch my job to increase my package.

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