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Saiman Says Ki Website – Building Youtuber Portfolio Template

Hi Everyone in this Article i will tell you how you can build a static website. You can think of it as Youtuber portfolio Template.

In this article, I am going to build a website and share with you stepwise steps so that you can learn how you can create a website and start building your first project. If you don’t know who is Saiman says he one of my favorite YouTubers from India. Once I complete this website I am going to make separate video on my YouTube channel. But here you will get an idea of how I actually created a website step wise step. I am going to start making this website on a live stream with my subscribers. So yeah stay tuned.

If You don’t Know Saiman Says Watch This Video

Vedant Rusty created this video on saiman says which covers approx. everything you need to know before i start developing website for saiman says.

You Can Visit His Youtube Channel To Watch His Video

Chapter – 1 [ Setting Up Environment For Saiman Ki Website ]

Let’s Get Our Hand Dirty And start building site. wait how should we start?


1.Sign Up On Github

We will be using GitHub to store our files of saiman says so if you are not a registered user make sure you create an account on GitHub.

If you don’t know GitHub I will suggest following my instruction and you can watch a video stream which i will add below so that you don’t confuse.

2.Make Repository With Name SaimanSays

I am going to make a repository on GitHub. It’s like we are setting up projects inside this repository we are going to place our files like HTML, CSS, Image and other things. Creating a Repository is easy you can watch video streams to understand more if you are not sure how to create a repository on GitHub.

3.Download GitHub Desktop

Now You have to download this software on your laptop so that you can code on your local machine and push the changes to your GitHub repository. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with it I will teach you everything in the live stream below.

Download Github Desktop

You Can watch the below video where I have done all these three steps on youtube live with Zeta Omicron, I Build a website for saiman says live with my subscribers. T

The Next Step is to download the IDE where we will code. I have used ATOM in this live stream but which IDE I use and how we will start writing code and everything. Stay Tunned.

Chapter – 2 [ Lets Write Code For Saiman Ki Website ]

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