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Rasode Main Kaun Tha Meme – Main To Nahi Tha Bhai

Recently, there is one new trend that is showing up on internet from sath nibhana sathiya video clip “Rashi Rasode Main Kaun Tha” and people on internet start making meme from it.

The Internet become the first place for many people for entertainment. I also enjoy the content posted by the meme pages. if I am writing about rasode main Kaun tha viral meme trend it’s quite obvious that I love memes.

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I decided to write articles on Indian internet culture what individual people think about viral meme trends. with my job, it’s very hard for me to make video about and each every trending topic but writing articles I way much easier than making full youtube videos.

How Rasode me Kaun tha Meme Started ( Origin Of Rasode Main Kaun Tha Meme )

Recently one guy created a song from some clip of Indian tv serial. where Kokkila ben asking Rashi Khali cooker gas par kisne chadhaya. I don’t know the artist’s name who created this viral song. But it becomes viral on the social media platform. you can watch viral rasode me Kaun tha video below.

Rasode Main Kaun Tha?

Any Meme Trend starts in India when multiple meme pages start sharing one particular meme material on their page. The same happened with this viral song. In the beginning, it was a song but then people start posting joke which revolves around the clip context.

Meme revolves around kokilaben asking Rashi who put the cooker on gas without chana. It’s Big concern according to the show plot. Earlier kokilaben was are concern about rasode main Kaun tha people who don’t know what rasode main Kaun the means it means who was there in the kitchen. how dare someone put a vacant cooker on gas. Gopi bahu is too innocent she can’t do this. gopi bahu love to wash laptop.

Gopi Bahu GIF - Gopi Bahu Laptop - Discover & Share GIFs
Gopi Bahu Laptop wash clip

its predictable Rashi was there in the kitchen she always tries to bring trouble in gopi bahu life. Rashi ben in gopi bahu is similar to my manager to me.

420 GIF

imagine if kokilaben asked this question to carryminatian. what will be the reply of carryminati fans?

Carryminatian : BINOD

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Kesa Laga Mere JOKE

To be honest you discovered this serial because of its trending I am a huge fan of gopi bahu washing laptop from the last 2 years.


Rasode Main Kaun Tha And Cringy Influencers

When there is any trend like these people of the internet overuse it so much that within 3-4 days meme become unfunny. Change my mind if you can but what is more worse some influencer take cringe to the next level by making anything in the content of the meme trend please don’t do it BKL.

Please be like dead but not abir please for god sake. well if I start sharing cringe my site will crash because there are countless videos these influencers create and my site got limited storage. so let’s have a look at some of the funny and ok ok memes from social media on rasode main Kaun that

Rasode Me Kaun Tha Memes From Social Media

So the Internet comes up with some good memes. To be honest I really don’t like this type of meme trend by writing this blog post to check if I can rank my post on google’s first page.

fresh off the boat mind blown GIF

The weird thing about this trend people actually searching crazy stuff like : what is the meaning of rasode main Kaun tha and similar search like rasode main kon tha song.


Okay Now Sharing Some of the memes that I found good enough to feature on my blog.

1. Kon Tha

I am good at making memes let’s try to make some memes from the above example.

  1. Backbencher: Whistle from back [ Teacher: Kon Tha ]
  2. Me Talking To My Female Friend [ My Family Members: Kon Tha ]
  3. Someone appreciated my looks [My Brain: Kaun Tha ]

Let’s go to the next meme.

2. People claiming they were present in the kitchen

There is one meme I found Hilarious.

Not A Meme But I feel sad for these people who put this much effort to make this cringe.


I will add more memes if I find something that I enjoy related to rasode me Kaun tha Context.

And Here We Have Answer

So channe rashi ben ne nikale the

Finally, Our Kokkila ben solved the mystery. but I am not going to add the original clip instead I will be sharing TikTok aunty who mimics kokkila ben and made this TikTok before rasode me kon tha meme trend.

Youtuber’s Never Miss Trending Topic

Lol, I am about to end this post but just now checked YouTubers start making a video on this topic. sometimes I feel bad for myself. these people earning money by making a shitty video on some shitty internet trends. and me as a software engineer working hard trying to solve issues and get way low salary than these fakkas. I am jealous.

dave chappelle omg GIF

There is one Youtuber with name yoshabji once he used to be my friend. I am happy now he is not.

He is just reacting to the trend, maybe you enjoy this type of video me never. well let’s have what else we have on youtube. wait I found something good on youtube. what how you know I am talking about Tanmay Bhatt? okay, I told good content on youtube you are very smart though.

I don’t love watching dhirumonchik but this video is okay oaky. on rasode me Kaun tha.

I don’t know how this dude got 1 Million subscriber, when I look at Shivam Trivedi looks like gopi bahu ne chane fulane dale the and fulne ke baad they become Shivam Trivedi the YouTuber with tond.

Too much cringe, Can’t handle. the only good thing about rasode main kon tha meme trend I wrote my first article for my internet culture category which you are reading. if you don’t like what I said in post just don’t revist my website if you like to stay tunned more similar content is on the way.

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LoL, I don’t know if anyone reading this article if you really liked this type of shit posting on my blog then please comment below and don’t forget to react. also if you are the first time here this was my first post for category internet culture. I make vlogs on my youtube channel and also having many plans for this blog so stay tunned share if you like my post and if you have anything to say just comment down below. I reply to everyone. Okay bye, apne chane ka dhayan rakho.

What do you think?


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