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Pubg Ban In India Memes – Pubg Ban in India Or Not – Pubg Ban Memes

It was Wednesday suddenly news appeared in my feed India ban other 118 Chinese app and list also include pubg mobile.

Pubg Ban In India Memes
Pubg Ban In India Memes

Pubg Ban news is nothing less than a nightmare for any pubg mobile players in India. if you are not aware the government of India announces 118 Chinese apps which include pubg to ban in India.

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PUBG समेत कुल 118 चीनी एप पर सरकार ने रोक लगाई #pubg #pubgbaninindia

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Now many people are searching more about it based on google trend they are searching for is pubg ban in India or not. it’s not clear because people are able to open and play pubg games even after the announcement of 118 ban apps in India. if you are searching for the app ban list then read the below articles.

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I am not someone who writes about the news but share how the internet reacted on the pubg ban in India news. also if you have question if PUBG is a Chinese app or not then do visit this quora thread you will get you to answer : Pubg Is Chinese or not.

PUBG Ban In India Memes

Meme pages are the best source to give news something happens they start posting memes. after this news meme page, admins and comedians start sharing their views and sarcastic jokes in the form of a meme, tweet, and status. let’s have a look at some of the best pubg ban in India memes.

Memer Start Posting meme On Instagram/Twitter with #PubgBanInIndia

So I know where to find the latest memes related to a particular topic so within 1-hour Instagram meme pages posted more than 2000 memes I can’t display each one of them here on my blog but picked some of the good memes of Pubg ban in India.

1. I can’t believe Pubg can be banned in India Meme

2. When Pubg Actually ban and you open app

3. Parents are happy with the PUBG ban decision in India.

3.1 Mothers Happiness On Pubg Ban In India

3.2 Father Happiness On PUBG Ban


It looks like Indian parents are the happiest people after pubg ban in  India. Not Only Indian parents people who don’t play pubg are also not affected by the news.

Tiktokers, Other online gaming community vs Pubg\

and when you ask pubg streamer now what ? what game you play if not pubg to pull thier legs thier reaction be like:

NEET, JEE-MAINS aspirant, and PUBG players on the way to PM office.

Tiktokers To All Pubg Players

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#pubg #pubgban #pubgbaninIndia #pubgindia

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Pubg Player Accepting the truth that yes pubg in ban in India Be like.

Smart Move Modi Ji

Indians are too smart, after this pan google trend showing people searching for how to play pubg after the ban in India. people who play pubg are not happy with the decision.

Youtuber Got New Content – Start Making video on pubg ban in india

If anything is trending YouTubers never miss the chance to make a video on it. Youtubers also join memers and start posting content on the pubg ban. some YouTuber just covering the news. I don’t watch those YouTubers but I watch people who add jokes in it so some of my favourite YouTuber created a video on pubg ban in india where they shared pubg ban jokes in india.




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