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Learn Tricks & Techniques To Win Fight – Episode 5

How To Search And Apply for Jobs In Bangalore Once you are prepared you are ready to attend walk-ins/drives, but do you know where are walk-ins. freshers having a hard time finding vacancies for them if they are new to Bangalore. but here in this post, I will share what are the different ways you […] More

Fight In The New City For Job – Episode 2

If you have not watched the first episode, I will advice you to watch the first episode and then watch the second episode which is Fight In The New City. Not sure which city you choose, I picked Bangalore, you may choose a different city but the format of the fight will remain the same. […] More

Start Your Fight To Get Job – Episode 1

I created a web series with the name Fight For Getting Job. Getting Job after college in India is nothing less than a fight. After not being able to take a job after college, you are fighting hard with your bad luck, from the relative’s taunts, from the negative thoughts and the list will grow. […] More