I Visted Malpe Beach & Murudeshwar Temple – First Time At beach

After Kudremukh trek, we headed towards Malpe beach where we i am going to visit murudeshwar temple and going to experience beach for the very first time in life.

Murudeshwar Temple Malpe Beach
Murudeshwar Temple Malpe Beach

So after kundremukh trek, we started our journey towards malpe beach, once I reach i will visit murudeshwar temple and malpe beach. it’s going to be my first time at the beach. I am going to experience the beach for the very first time in my life. I am excited to and let’s go.

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and then going to visit the murudeshwar temple. wait I created a video of murudeshwar temple and my second day of the trip.

Malpe Beach & Murudeshwar Temple Vlog

Those who don’t know murudeshwar temple is very famous among Hindus. there we have lord shiva statue in front of the ocean. also, you have malpe beach nearby. Inside the murudeshwar temple, we have a good piece of art. Walls are painted with a story or Ravan devotion for lord shiva.

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there is some background story behind the murudeshwar temple. But I enjoyed this trip. the first time I experienced trekking at kudremukh trek.

I discovered one thing. that traveling brings happiness for me. I will plan more trips like this in the future. if you enjoyed this article or maybe vlog. please show some love by sharing this with your friends. you can write your feedback and suggestion in the comment section.

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