My College life at LNCT Bhopal – LNCT University Bhopal Experience

I completed my graduation ( B.E ) From LNCT Bhopal from Computer Science Stream. Sharing My Experience.

I am an ex-lnctian from 2013-2017 from the CSE batch from LNCT Bhopal. I thought of sharing my LNCT review and experience with my subscribers so, I created a video. My college Life at LNCT Bhopal.

LNCT Bhopal

LNCT is one of the best private colleges in Madhya Pradesh for engineering

If you search a list of top private colleges in Madhya Pradesh. LNCT Bhopal will definitely mark his position in the top 10 colleges. and it is in terms of providing campus placement. but it is more like a school. you have a uniform. you need to maintain attendance. very few extracurricular activities that take place.

LNCT Review From Quora

By Ravi 

  • I was a student of the 2014–18 batch at LNCT Bhopal. Before you decide to get an admission there, you need to ask yourself a few questions:
  1. What options do you have? Are you able to get any government college? If not, then among private colleges, you probably won’t get a better deal. Back when I joined, the fee was 65K per year, which was less than half of what private colleges in metro cities charged. The goal here is not to get the best college, but the most affordable college with a satisfactory track record.
  2. What are your expectations? Do you expect to come out as an excellent engineer by simply following the curriculum? That’ll probably not happen. But guess what, many famous government colleges don’t have a great curriculum track record. So what can you expect? You can expect decent grades if you put just enough effort. The good thing here is, it is quite easy to survive academics. And this gives you enough time and leftover energy to focus on your future ahead.
  3. What kind of jobs do you want? Will you be happy if you had to work in an IT company even if you are a chemical graduate? Chances are, no matter which branch you are from, you will end up with an IT job. There aren’t many core jobs available. It will be better if you understand this beforehand.
  • Personally, I joined because the fee was pretty reasonable. The second and most important reason was the city of lakes, Bhopal. And I can’t stress this enough. It is traffic-free, green, clean and a paradise for foodies. I enjoyed my time, made a few life-long friends, had a lot of fun, and at the end of my course, I had a few offers with me. I would never give a negative review of LNCT because I had always kept my expectations quite low.
  • The college is fine. Any serious or half-serious student gets a decent job. It gives you enough time to do whatever you want to and saves a lot of your parents’ money. You didn’t score great in JEE. That’s okay. It is okay to be just average. Focus ahead. You will do just fine. And have some fun. Soorma Bhopali aise hi Naam nhi hai!

One Bhopali to another: No other place feels like Bhopal. Cherish every second of your presence in this beautiful city. Best of luck!

By Rahul Tiwari

I will try to keep the answer as simple as possible.

LNCT, Bhopal was established in 1994 and since then the college has improved on a remarkable level. The reputation of the college has sky-rocketed in the past 5 years or so.

Here are some Pros and Cons of LNCT.

LNCT Pros :

You will get a chance to grab numerous opportunities throughout your engineering session over there because the college hosts a lot of events every year. Some of which are National conferences, National level fests, Various National Camps, etc.
The placements at LNCT has improved at a remarkable pace in the past 3-4 years. Various top-notch organizations have visited and hired a great bunch of students.

LNCT Cons :

If you are looking for quality education then this is not the place for you. Trust me, I’ve been there. Most of the junior faculties mug up stuff to teach and won’t be able to help you out if you have a serious dilemma. Only 5-10% of the teachers are worth listening to. Putting it a gentle way, You’re on your own.
Almost 90-95% of the management and staff unit is arrogant and stubborn creatures. They won’t help you until you beg for mercy and they will still laugh on your face. My department is full of such morons. I don’t hold a unidirectional grudge over them but a lot of my fellow colleagues will agree with what I am saying.
Rest assured, if you look for a decent job and some okay time in your college life. This should be your poison of choice.

One more suggestion. The lower the hope, the better the experience.

Hope this helps. All the best.

You Can read more reviews here: More Reviews By different user on LNCT Bhopal

Lnct Bhopal placement

LNCT is the best private college of Bhopal and provides well on-campus placement opportunities compare to any other colleges in Bhopal.

Is placement in LNCT Bhopal for CSE good or bad?

For CS and IT Branch, yes many companies visit lnct for the campus . Companies like Wipro, cognizant, Wipro, persistent, etc come for recruitment. The placement for CS students in lnct is very good. These companies hire CS students in bulk. Apart from these, many telecommunication companies and small companies also come for recruitment.

If you are only looking at the placement scenario then, I must say Placement opportunities for CS and IT is best in lnct among whole Bhopal colleges.

How are the hostel facilities at LNCT Bhopal?

Hostel facilities are available for 1st-year students only(both girls and boys separate hostel). They maintain a good quality of food for 2–3months maximum, after that quality gets worst. In the morning you will have breakfast (poha, samosa, etc) limited quantity with tea. Lunch at the college recess time. At 5:30 pm you can have tea. Then dinner at 8:00 pm. There is no limit of quantity for Lunch and dinner. Sunday, you will get Sunday special ( puri, sabzi, pulao,daal+ limited sweets). Only vegetarian food is served.

Daily before 9:00 pm (for boys) you have to sign an attendance register. Be careful about this. If you get late by 5mins, the hostel authority will complain about it to your parents immediately.

Rules are very strict in the hostel….Bt there is no rule which you can not break… Bt never tries to damage any property of the hostel(switches, fans, tube lights, dustbins, etc), a heavy penalty will be imposed on all of the hostelers individually.

No ragging issue in the hostel.

Outside college, there are limited options for food. The nearest restaurant is Malgudi(veg/nonveg).

The nearest market is Anand Nagar, Piplani.

In the hostel, you can read the newspaper in the reading room. There is a TV room which remains closed always. There is also a Table Tennis room which also remains closed. You can play volleyball, football, cricket in the college playground. They’re also a small gym. If you want to join it, you have to pay monthly.

There is a shop on the campus where you can get basic day to day used items and stationery.

In summers you can not bring coolers to your rooms. So most of the hostel gets emptied by the end of April. The college will never return the remaining amount.

The best thing about the hostel is that you will meet some of the best persons in your life…..Also, you learn many things which you can never learn outside.

So, I suggest you to join the hostel.

How was your first day at LNCT Bhopal?

From Meghna

Horrible! It was no less than a nightmare to me.

Like everyone else I was also very excited but soon all my enthusiasm dropped down to zero as I got off the bus. LNCT did scare me! As I got into the campus I could see nothing but hundreds of boys and girls all dressed in white. I could not even recognize my schoolmates who got admitted to the same college. All I could see was the color white in every nook and corner. However, I could see some people who were the faculties running behind the freshers to guide them.

We were shown our respective classrooms or rather thrown in a pool of strangers. I somehow managed to get the only seat that was left and unfortunately the first one in the row. And then it began… one after the other all the faculties introduced us to the rules we needed to follow. They told us how much we would be tortured at the place and how much they would be screwing us. How slowly and steadily we would ruin our career!

Eventually, as the clock struck 4.30, we were taken to our buses by our seniors and the worst part was I did not even find a single schoolmate of mine till then. I landed up home all tired when I just realized that I had not made even a single friend in those 6 hours! This was enough to make me depressed and I ended up crying and deciding that I’m never going at that place again.

LNCT continued to screw my life for some time until I got used to it. However, it was no more than a month when I made some really good friends. Everything got better with time and I really don’t regret my decision to be here rather at this point I feel how stupid I was to draw a conclusion that LNCT is no good. Happily completed 3 years of engineering and 1 more to go…

Experience may differ from person to person but at LNCT if you are thinking you will get an environment like amity that’s not going to happen. LNCT is strict.

And Rai Sir never going to leave your ass until you complete your graduation.

I hope this article. help you to find your answer.

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