Day In A Life Of Job Seekers In Bangalore

Sharing What day looks life for job seeker in Bangalore, Job Seeker Routine and how i spend most of my job seeker days vlog

Day In Life Of Bangalore Job Seeker

So I am here in Bangalore for the past 2 months. I decided to make my third vlog. It’s Day in the life of job seekers in Bangalore. I have added a video at the end of the article. I am going to share some information that I have not covered in the video. that is how it’s like to be a job seeker in Bangalore, the struggle of job seeker in Bangalore, and job seeker routine.

Job Seeker In Bangalore
Job Seeker In Bangalore

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Hum Bangalore Job Seekers

We have one thought always in our mind 24*7 i.e humari job kab lagegi? I don’t make plans for fun. but think of study all important topics and attending a coaching class. I attended interviews rejected by many and the cycle continues.

Job Seeker Routine

I will cover my daily routine when I was a job seeker in 2017. My Routine varies on two different types of days.

  1. Day When I Have Drive/Interview/Walkins
  2. I Have No Walk-in’s but only coaching.

But in Both the case one thing is common, waking up early morning is a pain in the ass. I am a night owl so it’s very difficult for me to wake up early in the morning.

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Before I go to bed to sleep at night. I research about next day walk-ins. if I found any walkins that are suitable for me then I decide to go and sleep. if no walk-in then studies late night to prepare for interviews.

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As a Bangalore job seeker if there I walk-in then I need to wake up early to reach the walk-in venue. to reach on time you have to start early because Bangalore traffic sucks.

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And When I don’t have a walk-in I wake up at 11 O’clock why because I have a bad habit of sleeping at 4-5 o’clock, I love late night study. I take the help of javatpoint, Geeksforgeeks, StudyTonight, and many other websites that I discovered during the job hunting phase. I keep studying and sleep after taking a cup of tea in the morning at 5 o’clock in the morning.

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One thing I noticed, In Bangalore, everyone is busy. You will not see Just passing time. they have some work to do. they have some work to do. I really like the morning of Bangalore it inspired me to do something, but I was job seeker and I start getting this feeling that I don’t do anything. I am just an unemployed & worthless piece of shit.

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First Walk-in Of Bangalore Job Seeker

One success, I got familiar with of how to search and apply for jobs in Bangalore as a fresher. My first walkin of Bangalore started with the Tek system in the Btm layout. I created a video and wrote article click here to read that article.

when I on halfway to reach the venue, I was worried why because that I know that I am not in a situation to crack the interview  ( not prepared ).  the job seeker never gets the confidence. you will have this question always that I am not prepared I need to study more. one in this world feels he is prepared because there is something you always left. so one suggestion to all readers goes attend walkins that matter. people who attend more walkins increase their chance for selection because they get an idea what interviewer asked so you can prepare accordingly that’s what I did.

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I Got rejected from many interviews. but I learned what I have to study. Like I have to work on my project I got to know about it because the reason for rejection was I am not able to share my project details properly. introspect your weakness and work on it. when you rejected by company try to find why you got rejected and then work on it so next time you will not repeat the same mistake.

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Watch this video to get more ideas of the day in the life of Bangalore’s job seeker.  Almost all day is the same just the company that I visit for the walk-in drive is different.

I start Attending Multiple Walk-ins during weekends on weekdays going training institute, from 2 O’clock to 7 O’clock. then after that explore & Roam In BTM Street. I have the bad habit of sitting In front of Dominos stairs in BTM layout.

 india balle balle daler mehndi GIF

People who have a job are the luckiest people

I watch people with Accenture, Wipro, cognizant id cards, and just start dreaming can I get a job in a big MNC or Product based company. In BTM layout every time I see Oracle employee i decide one day I will work in a product based company.

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Return back to PG. and start studying when I get bored I start watching youtube videos of my favorite creator’s and start shooting for my youtube channel.



Other Stories In Life Of Job Seekers In Bangalore

Bangalore city is safe and clean compared to any other city I visited before. also expensive but affordable if you can control your expenses. I spend around 7500 Per Month. 5000 for my PG rest for my daily expense and utility. thanks to my sister she helped me in each and everything she only told to join the Jspiders training institute and provided me training fees.
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Now after 3 months, I am familiar with Bangalore i.e big idli called tatte idly. PG food is not tasty enough so use one life hack takes 1 packet of curd and Namkeen. Mix with rice and sambhar and wallah Habibi. I converted shit into biryani.
Time heals everything now I start living life in place of spending life. I was not happy but I was not sad too because I was giving my time everything for studies and what matter’s to land a job for me.
Not today but definitely I will get a job soon. stop overthinking.
There is one quora question where people shared their stories how it’s like to be job seeker visit here to read:
This Is How I Spent My Job Seekers Days in Bangalore. also, I have decided not to go home until I get a job so stay tunned. hold your beer not today but soon I will get a job because I am the first time not cheating with myself really working hard for it. keep exploring my blog to find more stories related to my life.
Is there anything you can relate to then comment down below.

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