Kudremukh Trek – My First Trekking Experience

I never trek before in my life, after getting job my sister planned one trip for Kudremukh trek which is near to bangalore. Sharing My First trekking experience at kundremukh trek in mangalore.

I never trekked before in my life. for me, trekking was a fun and new experience. so I was excited for kudremukh trek. worst mistake of my life. once the trek started after 1 hour. this question hit me why the fcuk people love walking on the mountain. I mean if you like to struggle join my project.

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but I understood why people trek. Once I reach the peak. all the steps that I took to reach peak all paid off. start from the beginning. So My first trek experience is going to be on the kundremukh trek. I created my first travel vlog on my youtube channel it was kudremukh trek you can watch.

Kudremukh Trek

Kundremukh trek is near to Bangalore. anyone can complete a round trip from Bangalore to kudremukh trek at the weekend itself. I consider kudremukh trek to be one the best weekend gateway for Bangalore people.

if you want to know more about kudremukh trek like:- is kudremukh trek difficult? how to reach kundremukh trek? a distance of kudremukh trek? kudremukh homestay? kudremukh trekking related answer you will get in below article:-

Bangalore To Kudremukh

We started our journey on Friday night near around 10 o’clock.

Going Kudremukh Trek On The Way
Going Kudremukh Trek On The Way

For the first time in my life finally traveling. I always want to but in college due to not enough budget and not having parent’s permission I never got the chance to explore places. but finally we started from Bangalore to kudremukh.

Enjoying bangalore to kudremukh journey
Enjoying Bangalore to kudremukh journey

I can not sleep at night if I travel by bus because of that when I looked out of the window at 4 in the morning, such a beautiful sight. Never seen before.

Bangalore To Kudremukh View
Bangalore To Kudremukh View

At 7 am, we reached the tracking base point. now from the base point, we have to reach our kudremukh homestay and that we will reach with the help of a jeep. our homestay is in the middle of the mountains insider forest. we reached homestay had to breakfast and freshen up.

My First Trek Experience – Kudremukh Trekking

We started the trek after being fresh. Initially, I was having fun, but I did not know that I would have to walk so much. I keep asking how far. I was tired but during the trek.

Kudremukh Trek Starting Point
Kudremukh Trek Starting Point

I discovered some water streams. sound of flowing water feels so good in the middle of the forest. It’s an experience that you can take but not explain. I was tired but keep walking because I can’t go back because we covered half distance. but when i reached the peak. OMFG, I could not tell how good I felt after seeing that scene from the top of the kudremukh peak. The distance that I walked paid off as soon as I reached Mountain Peak.

Kudremukh Trek Peak
Kudremukh Trek Peak

When I was at Mountain Peak, I wanted to stay for the whole day. But after some time, we had to get back down. I was happy that I choose this trip and decided that I will trek when I will get a chance.

Kudremukh Trek Peak 2
Kudremukh Trek Peak 2

I Captured all my memories in videos. if you have not experienced trekking your life I will suggest you to trek once. it’s totally different feeling you meet the beauty of nature and amazing people who are strangers first but during the trek they become friends.


Now we are going to Malpe Beach and Murudeshwar temple In Mangalore.

hope you enjoyed this travel story. I will keep sharing my travel story on my blog when I travel.  if you like 1% Content of this blog then let me know in the comment section.

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