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I Visited ISKCON Temple Bangalore In Morning

Me And my Friends on friday night not getting sleep, so decided for night out in bangalore and planned visiting iskcon temple bangalore.

Are you interested to join me for a Bangalore night out? I am going to visit ISKCON Temple Bangalore.

list in Bangalore: ISKCON Temple Bangalore

Why We Decided To Night

I have this problem of not getting sleep before 3 o’clock. It was Friday Night my friends are also awake. No, they don’t have this problem of not sleeping early I am the only night owl here. Before you start thinking that I don’t try to sleep early man I tried much time but fail always.

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if you search what we call a person with many bad habits google will suggest my name. I and my boys who joined this MNC recently start discussing can we go ISKCON temple. they shared the fact that at 4 o’clock we can witness abhishekam which is very famous. waking up early at 4 and going is hard for engineers like me and my boys. so we decided not to sleep so but will go and come back and then sleep.

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Night Out Begins – Going ISKCON Temple Bangalore

So I created a video rest story you can watch below the video.

if you are not aware of the ISCKON temple than I will suggest you read the below articles.

  1. International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)
  2. ISKCON Temple Bangalore

If you are staying in Bangalore and not visited the Iskon temple then you can visit next weekend. I love exploring so if you are interested in a temple you can always check Temple Tag On My Blog. To Find More temples I visited so far.

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Today No Vimal Only Temple

I hope you guys enjoyed this video, if yes then consider sharing this article. Have you ever visited Iskcon temple Bangalore? let me know in the comment section below. Ok, Bye Till then keep chanting hare Rama hare Krishna shloka.

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