I Hate Coding What I Did To Overcome Fear Of Coding

I don’t Like coding but as software engineer, i can’t get job or life will not be easier for me if i don’t know coding in this field these thoughts i use to have in college days i did something that helped me.

When I was in college, I hated anything more than relative, then it was coding. I hate coding and no you can’t change my mind. Its maybe because I try to code many times with my soul but never understood the way topper understand. People say it’s very hard to understand your girlfriend/wife, bro once try coding.

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I Don’t Understand Coding

Coding is my life was a permanent problem. I stop fixing this problem and start living life keeping this thing my mind that I don’t understand coding. But in the Technical interview of college campus placement, I realize I have to learn to code otherwise the company keeps rejecting me.

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This Dude Don’t Know How To Code Lets reject

I start searching about it, how anyone can overcome the fear of coding or similar search term like I hate coding what can I do. Start reading Answers on quora what people answer if someone posted questions about if they are not good at coding what they can do.

I will Suggest reading answers of all quora question, you will get an answer that you are not only one who hate coding but there are many other CSE student and already working software engineers who are having a hard time understanding programming language. Watch This video for fun then I will provide you solution.

How I Overcome fear Of Coding

I am not saying I become a pro coder/programmer. but I found one way when I start enjoying coding. You close your eyes and think about what you love. I love memes or maybe building some cool stuff that I can flex in front of people. Don’t write println(“Hello World”) try memes. Give class name Hardik Pandya and write a program for println(“Aaj Main karke aaya”). Try to create small programs that work as an app. Let say Determining If Dish which user enters is veg or no-veg. or maybe something that you can think of. If you want to build something then start learning that particular language. I discovered I have an interest in creating a beautiful website. and start writing HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You watch this video created by me.

I hope you get help from this article, I still suck at writing backend code but I discovered you need purpose why you want to learn how to code.

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