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How I Become Web Developer In India

Sharing My Story How I Become Web Developer In Bangalore, What steps i follow.

My startup where I got a job after struggling for 7 months in Bangalore assigned me a web developer role. If you are not aware of my journey then do check out these blog articles.

How I Become a Web Developer

Trust me you don’t need any web developer certification or any web developer training to become a web developer. You just need an interest in making web apps or websites. if you want to know what web developer does.

  • They make a simple static website ( landing page )
  • We make complex web apps ( Netflix, Amazon, etc )

My Interest In Web development helped me gaining knowledge more than studying and watching youtube tutorials.

I use to read and search for web development a lot. Like Different cool JS library, best static site generators, best CSS framework for a web developer, and the list go on. Created some side project as my interest.

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So in my startup technical interview, I got a chance to share what I learned in these years. The interviewer was impressed to know as a fresher he knows more than an experienced guy. I remember I studied one blog on Docker for the web developers. He asked me about do you know about docker I told him I don’t know exactly but whatever I consumed from that blog I start sharing with the interviewer. he was listening carefully and taking interest whatever I am sharing.

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I Got Job In Startup As Web Developer

Bazinga, I got a job in that startup my first job. I was getting a very less salary If you ask me a salary of a web developer in Bangalore, it totally depends on the nature of the startup. if its marketing or creative agency fresher earns very less. I was getting 13k per month. but I follow the principle no opportunity is small or big. At least I have a job now not a job seeker. I created my video on my startup experience as a web developer you can watch.


I Hope You enjoyed this article, but I left this startup after working for 3 Months. The answer is in this video.


I Got Job In Accenture

If you want one separate article on how to become a web developer in India and get a job then please let me know in the comment section.

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