Can I Get a job in Bangalore, Should I Move To Bangalore For Job search ?
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Job Seeker In Bangalore [ My First Month In Bangalore ]

So I reached bangalore, Why i am here, To search job. Sharing starting days of my life in bangalore as job seeker. Life Of Job seeker in bangalore.

So I came to Bangalore why? I shared a story in this article Moving Bangalore For Job Search. You can read my story about why I decided to shift to Bangalore in my previous article. So already spent 1 month here in Bangalore as a job seeker.

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My First Month In Bangalore As Job Seeker

I reached Bangalore on 20th August 2017, when I reached Bangalore, I decided to stay in the BTM layout, why because based on research and people’s suggestions. everyone told me to stay in BTM layout. Why BTM layout for job seekers you can read the below article I wrote for job seekers.

My First Walkin Of Bangalore As a Job Seeker

So After 10 Days, I got to know how to find where is vacancy or walk-in( Drive ) is happening. it’s simple There are few Facebook groups:-
  • MRA job seekers,
  • Bangalore Job Seekers ( BJS )
Also, some job posting portals like gofresher,monster, and many other jobs posting sites. find your trusted source. who posts genuine job openings. and then keep eye on these sites to find your type of job openings. these sources provide all information about a job like a job description, walk-in/drive location, date of drive, what skill is required.
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Once you find a job opening that is suitable for you from the job posting site, Wake Up early in the morning, take bath, get ready in formal dress, take your folder ( Resume ) reach the venue, and wallah 1000 – 2000 people will be there who also applied for the job. you will witness unemployment in India which people talk in news articles. I still remember line said by my Training and placement officer in my college: go outside college you will understand how hard it is to get a job after college.
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I attended TekSystem company walk-in and got rejected from it in the first round itself. I realized that my preparation is not good enough to crack the interview. So I decided to join a training institute to make myself employable and get skills to crack the interview.
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Best Training Institute For Job Seekers In Bangalore

Bangalore having many training institutes who claim that they will give you job but not every institute is genuine, I researched about best training institute in Bangalore. I found 3 institutes and they are located in BTM layout only:

  1. Jspiders ( Best I will Suggest You to join )
  2.  ABC
  3. Lara Technologies

Institute provides you java training which includes ( Core Java, Advanced Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, JS, Spring & Hibernate ). after course completion they also provide you interview and drives. they have a tie-up with some companies where you can apply on behalf of your institute and if you perform well then you have selected congrats you secured a job for yourself.

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I Joined Jspider, BTM Training Institute to increase my chance to get a job

I was confused about which training institute should I join, so I thought let’s take demo classes, demo classes are free of cost for 3 days, I have taken demo of Lara technologies, ABC And Jspider’s and I like The way Jspider’s teach and their approach. I decided to join Jspiders. before you comment what is the course fees of jspiders, so when I joined in 2017 it was 23,000 INR. I have no idea what is Jspiders BTM Fees in 2020.

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Watch Everything I Shared In My Video

One day I decided to make my second vlog to share what I am doing in Bangalore. because my subscribers keep messaging me why you are not uploading a video. I decided why not make a vlog of what I am doing in Bangalore. so I created this video.

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  1. Hello swarnil,
    Bro now iam in my final semester and iam going to passed out batch 2020 within a week.but i will be left with 3-4 backlogs.
    So my worry am i eligible to attend walkin interwies by promising them that i will complete my backlogs next year.

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Can I Get a job in Bangalore, Should I Move To Bangalore For Job search ?

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