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Going Bangalore To Search Job As Fresher

Going Bangalore To Search Job As Fresher

Hey everyone, I want to share with you a video that talks about the experience of moving to Bangalore as a job seeker. The video is about my personal journey of taking a train to Bangalore after not being able to secure a job in my hometown. In the video, I share my challenges, the hope that kept me going, and an insight into the job market in Bangalore for freshers like myself.

Video Content

0:00 – 0:04 – I Decided To Make My First Vlog On My Channel
0:04 – 0:11 – Youtube Intro
0:11 – 0:30 – Going to Bangalore From My Hometown
0:30 – 0:55 – Waiting For My Train ( Sampark Kranti Express )
0:55 – 1:08 – Started Journey Toward Bangalore
1:08 – 1:16 – Why I am going to Bangalore?
1:16 – 1:23 – Thoughts/Plan I have to get a job in Bangalore
1:23 – 1:39 – I Love Travelling
1:39 – 1:54 – I Reached Bhopal Place where I completed My
1:54 – 2:03 – Duration To Reach Bangalore From North
2:03 – 2:16 – Completing Pending Task – Scripting
2:16 – 2:42 – Beautiful View From Train When You Go Bangalore
2:42: 2:51 – Roasting IRCTC and Rawnee Show In Vlog
2:51 – I Reached Bangalore
3:50 – Read Blog – Should I move to Banglore now for a job search?

If you’re a fresher wondering if you can get a job in Bangalore or have not been able to secure a job after college and considering moving to Bangalore in search of one, then this video is for you. Join me as I explore the city and discover if moving to Bangalore was the right decision for me.

I will Just give my best and work hard and let’s see what happens


What Happened Next

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