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My First Flight Experience – Flying First Time ✈️

I Don’t know about you but for me its whole new experience, from childhood i always looked at sky and dream about one day i will also fly and finally.

I have just one word, it’s magical and you just can’t express in words. I shot  My First Flight Experience in my phone and then created a video flying for the first time.

My First Flight Experience

If you ask me to write my first flight experience essay in 150 words than I will write with this my first flight quote

There is Magic in your first flight, it takes 10 – 20 minutes to realize that you are actually flying.

my first-time flight experience will always remain in my heart. I traveled Bangalore to Lucknow. I also met my best friend after 5 years.

my first experience in a flight gives me feelings and motivation to earn more money so that I can afford flights frequently. LoL so just now I realize people search for my First flight essay. when I was in school teacher used to ask me to write an essay on cow. people these days lucky they experienced flight at a very early age. for me, it took 23 years. Oh, you already too rich okay got it.

That’s it nothing new, I already shared most of my content in the video so you can watch my first flight experience video.

I hope you enjoyed my vlog, share your first flight experience in the comment section below.

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