Fight In The New City For Job – Episode 2

This Is Second episode of my web series fight for getting job which share how you can come bangalore and get job basically you fight will start here in your bangalore. Be prepared.

If you have not watched the first episode, I will advice you to watch the first episode and then watch the second episode which is Fight In The New City. Not sure which city you choose, I picked Bangalore, you may choose a different city but the format of the fight will remain the same.

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Chapter 2 – I am In Bangalore

If You Have Any Questions before coming to Bangalore, watch this video there is a chance you get your answer. Job Seeker Course which I mentioned in the below video is this series of posts that you are reading right now.

Where Job seekers Should Stay In Bangalore During Job Search? Or the best place for job seekers in Bangalore?

So The answer Is BTM layout. I have reasons to share. why I choose BTM layout:-

  1. Most OF Job Seeker’s Stay In BTM Layout So You will meet people who are like you also you get friends in pg itself if you are coming alone.
  2. There are hundreds of PG available at cheap cost compare to other parts of Bangalore. In the BTM layout, These are the rates of PG : 3 Sharing Will Cost You Near Around 5000 To 6500, 2 Sharing Will Cost You 6500 to 7000, And 1 Sharing Will Cost you more than 8000 INR. These figures when I came here in Bangalore in 2017 rates differ when you are planning to shift to Bangalore.
  3. When You Attend Walkin’s You can go in all the direction of Bangalore it will be convenient for you.
  4. if you are planning to join a training institute in Bangalore, mostly all training institute you will get in BTM like Jspider’s, ABC Institute, Lara Technologies, etc.

How to find PG In Bangalore ( BTM Layout )

BTM layout is full of boys and girls PG, so once you reach BTM you will find many PG with a board saying 4,3,2,1 sharing room available. you just visit PG have a look and see the condition of PG the one you like just say I will shift tomorrow or share dates when you are ready to move to PG.

How Much It Cost In Bangalore To Stay In PG

Bangalore is expensive, so if you stay in

  1. 4 sharing room it will cost you near around 4500 INR – 5500 INR
  2. 3 sharing room will cost 5500INR – 6500INR
  3. 2 sharing room will cost you 6500INR – 8000INR
  4. 1 sharing room will cost you more than 8000 INR.

Many people also asked how much money they should bring when coming to Bangalore bring approx 10000 to 12000. but monthly expense apart from pg which will be around 6000 depends on your expense. for me, 7500 was sufficient during my job seeker phase. you can watch this video to understand what I have shared so far.

My First Walkin Of Bangalore

What People told was write here you will get daily walks, how you can search and apply I will tell you later in the post. I attended walk-ins and realized that I am not prepared. I decided to prepare myself, how I prepared what materials I used, why I joined Jspiders I will tell you in the next chapter.

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