Prepare Yourself For Fight – Episode 3

Third episode of fight for getting job

Chapter 3 – How To Prepare Yourself For Job

Most of the companies follow the same pattern for their recruitment drive. they have

  1. Quantitative Written Test ( Aptitude, Logical Reasoning & Verbal )
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR Interview

How To Prepare Yourself For Written Round

Remember if you don’t get a job in your college because you are not able to clear your first round itself then your first priority should be how to clear Quantitative Written Test.

I have seen most of the people start solving R.S Aggrawal without planning its time-consuming play smart, you don’t need to score 100% marks you just need to score cut off marks so better prepare important Topics for Quantitative Aptitude. Important Topics For the campus point of view.

Aptitude Important Topics

  1. Numbers
  2. LCM and HCF 
  3. Work and Wages
  4. Pipes and Cisterns 
  5. Time Speed Distance
  6. Trains, Boats, and Streams
  7. Percentages
  8. Average
  9. Mixture & Allegation
  10. Age 
  11. Profit and Loss 
  12. Permutation and Combination
  13. Probability
  14. Clocks
  15. Calendars
  16. Race 

Reasoning Important Topics

I Consider this section as one of the easy and good scoring section. Most Important Topics For Reasoning.
  1. Data Interpretation
  2. Series: Missing Numbers
  3. Odd One Out
  4. Data Sufficiency
  5. Syllogism
  6. Sitting Arrangements
  7. Direction Sense Test
  8. Coding-Decoding

Verbal Ability Important Topics

I always struggled to learn English so I start applying the approach of Student of the year Jai Mata di tukka ✓ A, Jai Mata di tukka ‘C’ But Here I am Sharing important topics that you need to prepare.
  1. Fill in the Blanks
  2. Synonyms and Antonyms,
  3. Vocabulary Based
  4. Find Error In Sentence ( Grammatical Mistakes )
  5. Sentence completion
  6. Analogies
  7. Correction ( From Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Etc. )
  8. Reading comprehension

Tips And Tricks To Clear Your Written Aptitude Round

I Know The pain of preparing for written round you never able to complete all the subjects because not everyone attended CAT/GATE Coaching in 3rd year of college. but I have something to say that I am using as tips and tricks that you can follow so that you will struggle less, these are some points :
  • Don’t Prepare To Score 100 marks Prepare to score the cutoff marks of the written exam.
  • Topics which you find tough ignore but become master in the topic which you like and able to solve.
  • Prepare topics once and start solving the questions, practice will teach you not to prepare topics by watching the video.
  • If you suck in maths and you are not able to clear the first round in campus placement and coming to Bangalore you better first improve your maths because without clearing aptitude it’s very hard for anyone to get a job because you will not get a chance to showcase your technical skills no matter how good you are in that.

Place And Website To Prepare For Written Round

when I was a job seeker I read one answer on quora where someone told make IndiaBixyour bible, that’s what I will suggest because many times I got the same exact questions in company written test. also, you can google Best Places For Preparing Written Round, why you should google because maybe when I am writing this blog some awesome website is not created but when you are reading many other sites start getting popularity so yeah, now let me share some website which you can visit to help yourself.

Articles That You Can Read

when I was hunting a job that I use to do I love reading so I start reading many articles as much as I can which provided me domain knowledge + understanding of what is important. I will suggest you the same I am adding some article here but its always good practice if you find your type of article what knowledge you are seeking in your case. because sometimes good content you searching will be on the second page of google sea

you can watch this video which I created to prepare yourself.

How To Prepare Yourself For Technical Interview

All IT Companies have this round where they check the technical proficiency of candidates, but if you know what is the question the interviewer asks from freshers then you can prepare them and it becomes easy for you to crack the technical interview round. I am bad too in technical but I attended 34 interviews so I gained this knowledge of what interviewers asked in technical interviews.

Prepare Yourself For Technical Round

Any Interview starts with Your Introduction, I will suggest everyone prepare your introduction don’t repeat my mistake I am bad at speaking English and never prepared my introduction so I suffered from interview rejections. So as a fresher you do not need to have strong technical knowledge but basic knowledge of :
  1. Basic academics related IT subjects like operating systems, computer network, DBMS, etc. you can study all this from Studytonight
  2. One programming language interviewer can ask you to write a program. Frequently Asked Programs In Interview Google
  3.  Based on my experience most of the time interviewer asks String Related Programs like reverse string, concatenate two string and Star pattern printing programs. I know one place where you can learn writing star pattern program, the MySirG Star Pattern program trick.
  4. If you’re from the non-CSE background then prepare any one of your core subjects and take a look at all the basic C/JAVA/C++ programs.
  5. Fundamental of programming language like Java Fundamentals, SQL Fundamentals, object-oriented programming language concepts, like Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Data Hiding, Static and Dynamic Binding, Method Overloading and Overriding, Friend function, Constructors, Destructors, Static keyword and all that.
  6. Prepare yourself to write query Basic SQL, the interviewer can ask you to write queries for CURD operations, basic queries, and Normalization, etc.
  7. Prepare Your Project ( Interviewer Ask whats your role In a project, how you build this project, which technology you used to make this project, how you establish the database connection, what challenges you faced, how you solved the challenge, why you created this project ), prepare answers for these question interviewer definitely ask questions from project and training that you have mentioned in your resume.
Most important, prepare all those things you’ve written in your Resume. If you’re not confident about something and is still there in your Resume then just remove it without giving any second thought.

1. Join Training Institute Like Jspiders/ABC/Lara:-

If You Don’t know in places like Bangalore there are some training institute what they do they teach you Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Programming/Coding, Spring, Hibernate and once you complete the course they provide you interview opportunity if you are good enough to crack interview you get the job and all these companies have to tie-up with clients which is startup and MNC so yes they provide an interview for the candidate who joins their institute. now the question comes which institute should I join so I will say they offer 3 days demo take a demo to decide based on your understanding which one suits you better, I liked the teaching format of jspiders so I joined jspiders. once you join they will teach you everything which is required to get a job.

1. Prepare Online By Yourself –

If You think you don’t want to join and your financial situation is not good then I got one alternate for you.

Prepare Java

→ Prepare Core Java From MySirG Full: ( Free )
→ Pluralsight Full Java Course:  Pluralsight Java Course ( Paid )
→ Prepare Core Java From GeeksForGeeks:
→ Prepare Core Java From JavaTpoint:
→ Prepare Java Interview Questions Set 1:
→ Prepare Java Interview Questions Set 2:
→ Frequently Asked Java Programs In Interview:
Pluralsight provides 10 days of the trial so you can take Pluralsight trial complete course and cancel subscriptions so you can learn java from the top-notch instructor in free. I learn from Pluralsight and recommend you guys.

Prepare SQL

→ Prepare SQL/DBMS MySirG: ( Free )
→ Prepare SQL/DBMS From Geeksforgeeks:
→ Prepare SQL/DBMS From JavaTPoint:

Prepare Technical Subjects

→ Prepare Technical Subjects Site 1:
→ Prepare Technical Subject Site 2:
→ Prepare Technical Subjects Site 3:
I used these websites and links to prepare myself for interviews along with jspiders. joining jspiders is your decision only advantage you will get if you join jspiders you will get friends and chances to attend more walk-ins/drive.
I hope this post helps you to understand what to prepare, how to prepare if yes then please comment down below and provide your valuable feedback.

How To Prepare Yourself For HR Interview

Mistake that most people do, they reach HR interview and take this round lightly which results in rejection from the final round which is HR interview Round. And believe me, rejection from HR hurts more than Breakup 

First Time in HR Interview

In HR round interviewer will ask basic questions about you and sometimes test your logical ability by giving puzzles, Preparation for HR round is easy so very few people actually prepared. And yeah I agree you can crack HR round without preparing but only if you have good communication skills and personality. but if you are kind of person who gets nervous while talking to HR or Not Good Enough in Spoken English Then you must prepare For HR round if you want a job. also Make sure you are very clear about yourself and about your Resume too. Read your resume and do not fake yourself while talking to the interviewer keep in mind you should reflect what you mentioned in your resume. if you want more ideas about what happens in HR Interview Please Read Answers Of this thread from Quora.

How To Prepare For HR Interview

Preparing For an HR interview is more like preparing how to answer for the particular questions like:-
  1. Tell Me About Yourself
  2. Why should I hire you?
  3. what is Your Strength
  4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  5. Why do you want to join us
  6. What is your salary expectation?

And there are many HR interview questions you can get you Just Google Frequently Asked HR Interview Questions From Freshers and prepare them, Prepare them means not start searching for answers and usko ratta mar lo, Nahi Yar Pagal Ho Kya, yahi To Galti main Karta tha Interviewers samjh jati hai kon copy paste karke Aaya on real hai so try to be real khud se khud ke answers prepare Karo.

Hacks To Crack HR Round

these are not the hacks but warning you so that you do not repeat the same mistake that most of people do and get rejected by the company.
  • Dress Well And Look Fresh When You are going to attend HR Remember your appearance and gesture matters a lot.
  • Don’t Fake Yourself, Don’t Try to be over smart, remember there is a way that you have to follow you can’t share your achievement, stories like friends understand how to communicate your thoughts informal manner. 
  • Do research before the interview about the company and try to memorize the achievements and work of the organization. which you can use when the interviewer why you want to join this company you can tell I love data science and I have seen your organization won the award for it so it will be a good opportunity for me to learn and build my foundation from the best company in this domain.
  • Too Much Honesty is not good, Imagine Interviewer asked you are from the NON-CSE branch then why you want a job in IT Industry then don’t say I want a job or some family-related answer but prepare your answer before you attend HR round. 
  • I know you are lazy but please keep your resume up to date and remove all the extra details which you mentioned but not true, Don’t keep anything in a
    • resume just to impress the HR they easily catch you if you are fake and then you will ask your friend I don’t know why I got rejected. even if you keep unnecessary things and you can’t speak about them, then there are chances of rejecting.
    • Be Authentic, Upbeat, Focused, Confident, and Concise.
    • In the end, the interviewer will give you a chance to ask questions Ask insightful questions.
    If you are not good enough in English/communication practice you don’t need to be fluent but at least itna bol pao ki HR consider kar le. I mean meri khud kharab hai English Lollzzz. But then you will ask how I prepared I took the help of quora and answers written by people on quora. 


Important Links And Resource To Read From Quora

These Links Definitely Provide you a good idea of how you can clear and prepare for HR round, why I am saying this because I took help from Quora and it worked for me. if you have any other questions you can comment down below.

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