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Start Your Fight To Get Job – Episode 1

This My First Episode of web series fight for getting job – Start your fight which signifies start your preparation, You don’t go in war to fight but you train and prepare yourself to win.

I created a web series with the name Fight For Getting Job. Getting Job after college in India is nothing less than a fight. After not being able to take a job after college, you are fighting hard with your bad luck, from the relative’s taunts, from the negative thoughts and the list will grow. But if you want to win this fight you have to get your first job and your fight over you won. To Ensure my subscribers win in this fight I made this Youtube series.

Chapter 1 – Start Your Fight For Getting Job

Start Your Fight For Getting Job Is the first episode of my YouTube Web Series.


Chapter 1 – Beginning

Getting a Job After College is tough. But I know how to crack the interview, what the interviewer asks, from where you can prepare yourself, how you search and apply for jobs as fresher. I know all the answers because I was a job seeker back in 2017.

What To Do After College In Order To Get Job

After college when people do not get a job in an IT Company from campus placement then most of them start preparing for banking exams, some people start preparing for the government some people go for post-graduation.  you decide what you want to do but if you want to work and get a job the best option is you should travel to cities like Bangalore, Pune, etc for a job. there you get more opportunities to appear in drive/walk-ins. many companies conduct walk-ins for freshers which you can attend and if you clear round, BAZINGA! you got the job.

I will Suggest Come Bangalore

For job seekers, I will suggest three cities Bangalore, Pune, And Delhi. In my personal favorite Bangalore, there is a reason behind it. In other cities there is a chance you don’t get walk-ins but not in Bangalore opportunities are more in Bangalore. More Opportunity means more chance of getting an interview call which means the chance of getting a job increased. Let’s Go Bangalore.

I Hope You are enjoying it if there is anything missing in the first chapter please comment down below. Let’s move on to the next chapter.

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