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Content Blindness On Youtube India

People who don’t understand difference between good conent and toxicity i am calling him content blind. they can’t see good content. Majority of people are suffering in india from content blindness. people who support fake and ethical wrong artist.

Content Blindness On Youtube India
Content Blindness On Youtube India

Viewers of YouTube are watching toxic YouTubers Like Hindustani BhauShubham Mishra and also appreciating them. i don’t like it, why because these influencers just abuse and use inappropriate words without context in the name of Content & Humor. but in reality, they are just hating someone because they don’t like. Imagine you don’t understand offensive comedy/dark humor so you start your camera and start abusing, hate speed, and threats. you support this not me but there are some people who like that type of video support that artist. how anyone can do that but in recent times there was an incident where this guy shubham crossed his limits.

Shubham Mishra, You Got Good Biology Knowledge. Arteries, sapera shot.

Shubham Mishra Did An Oopsie.

So there is one stand up comedian who cracked a joke on quora people, not on Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj but this guy Shubham Mishra want to share his biology and also how stupid he is so he did what he was doing from the past 6 months trying to become a lite version of Hindustani that. but got himself into trouble.

Shubham Mishra On Agrima Joshua Regarding Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

The choice of word he use and the way he share his views on stand comedian was something that triggered me. that is why i sharing this article. but before that let’s try to find what mistake stand comedian did.

Stand Comedian’s Clip which shubham mishra don’t like

छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराजांचा अपमान. | Agrima Joshua stand up comedy on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj


Mishra Ji Is Serious He Is Not Smart

So In the clip, if you watch stand up comedian then there is nothing wrong from my side I enjoy offensive jokes. but I also understand some people have sentiment issues. so stand up comedian apologized.



but what Mishra ji did is not acceptable why because there will be more viewers, who can get influence by these types of creators, and genuinely I don’t want this to happen. why because have look in this IGTV.

Many Youtubers Took Stand On It & Shared their concern.

I eat content if you don’t know so i know what is happening on youtube india i support good creators who work hard for thier videos and genuine. but youtube viewers not all are smart enough so by mistake if you are here and support Shubham Mishra Type of influencer who :

  • Just Abuse – Don’t take real life action for society
  • Hate Speed on the name of content creation.
  • Bully other people behind screen and does’t give second thought about consequences.

I really don’t want you to be blind who can’t watch what is right and what is wrong. if you believe these influencer contributing to the society then i hope you grow and evolve mentally one day.

Let’s Hope, People who support these influencers actually grow and understand all this

Influencer who actually want to do something

there are some people when you watch their video you will come to know they actually want to do something for their country not just giving an opinion but their action justifies there words. the best example is Sonam Wangchuck youtube channel.

YouTubers That Addressed this issue.

I Hope you Find This Article Helpful, if not i just want to share what i think. Internet Ki Duniya Bahut Badhi Kuch log or agree karenge kuch log ye mere opinions hai agar pasant aata hai to thik warna jao tum bhi papa ki gadi main baitho hazaro cheze hai jo tumko pasand nahi hogi dene lag jao opinions, oh sorry galiya views to tabhi ayenge yahi to mindset hai logo ka.

What Is Content Blindness

On YouTube India there are some people who just abuse and use inappropriate words in name of content creation. they make video abusing someone or may be give opinions/criticism which is equivalent to garbage/trash. now you will say people have right to give opinion i agree but what if opinion don’t add anything valuable you can’t draw and conclusion its just a waste but people appreciate because they see numbers ( views and subscribers ) . i consider these people as blind who don’t have understanding of how good content looks like they are suffering from content blindness.

I Hope You Enjoyed this article and if you are suffering from content blindness don’t worry me and my friends are good content doctors.

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