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BTM Layout – Best Place for Job Seekers To Stay In Bangalore

Sharing Some interesting Stories related To BTM layout for job seekers.

Before I start answering your question. I want to share My BTM Layout story. BTM layout many people don’t know the full form of BTM layout itself who are staying there for more than years. BTM Layout (an abbreviation of Byrasandra, Tavarekere, and Madivala Lake. I spend my 8 Month as a job seeker in the BTM layout in 2017. And I keep visiting the BTM layout on weekends when I get time. One day I visited with the purpose of why not make a vlog of the BTM layout after getting a job.

You can read the below post to get an idea of how I spent during job hunting in Bangalore.

My First Month In Bangalore As Job Seeker In BTM Layout.

Where Job seekers Should Stay In Bangalore During Job Search? Or the best place for job seekers in Bangalore?

Now, this is the frequently asked question by my subscribers in my youtube comment section. So the answer to your question is the BTM Layout.

Why Mostly Job Seekers Choose BTM Layout

Because its the best place for job seekers in Bangalore. many people come to a shift in BTM Layout. I met many job seekers on the BTM layout streets and In MY PG. So If you are a job seeker and planning to come to Bangalore choose BTM layout as a preferred location. So as a part of my series “Fight For Getting Job” I created this video Bangalore for job seekers where I shared Genuine points why you should consider BTM layout In Video I also shared how you can search PG In Bangalore for job seekers. I visited my OLD Pg where I use to stay in Bangalore.


I hope this video answered many questions.

Bangalore Job Seekers Consider BTM Layout for Reason

So The answer Is BTM layout. I have reasons to share. why I choose BTM layout:-

  1. Most OF Job Seeker’s Stay In BTM Layout So You will meet people who are like you also you get friends in pg itself if you are coming alone.
  2. There are hundreds of PG available at cheap cost compare to other parts of Bangalore. In the BTM layout.
  3. When You Attend Walkin’s You can go in all the direction of Bangalore it will be convenient for you.
  4. if you are planning to join a training institute in Bangalore, mostly all training institutes you will get in BTM like Jspider’s, ABC Institute, Lara Technologies, etc.

People on Quora also have their opinion on which place is good for job seeker quora :

Read This Answer On Quora there also people shared which place will be good for job seekers.


:- you will find PG in each step of the BTM layout. How Much IT Cost:-

How to find PG In Bangalore ( BTM Layout )

Now Many People will have this question in their minds. How to search pg in BTM Layout. How much it cost? BTM layout is full of boys and girls PG, so once you reach BTM you will find many PG with a board saying 4,3,2,1 sharing room available. you just visit PG have a look and see the condition of PG the one you like just say I will shift tomorrow or share dates when you are ready to move to PG. I already shared in the above video how you can search PG in Bangalore.

How Much It Cost In Bangalore To Stay In PG

Bangalore is expensive, so if you stay in

  • 4 Sharing Room: 4500 INR – 5500 INR
  • 3 Sharing Room: 5500 INR – 6500 INR
  • 2 Sharing Room: 6500 INR – 9000 INR
  • 4 Sharing Room: More Than 9000 INR

PG owner also may ask you to deposit security money which they will partially refund when you leave PG.

In Pg You will get Food for 3 Times, some PG offer 2 Time food only. they have both a variety of Veg and Non-Veg. Sometime you will get south Indian food and sometimes north Indian. In PG its a mix of south and north India meal. Your room, you will get a TV, almirah, and 3-4 common washing machine.

I Will Arrange PG For You

Many people also asked this question.

how much money they should bring when coming to Bangalore?

Bangalore is expensive, If you ask me how much money you should bring then I will say bring 12000 INR to stay on the safer side. for me, 8000 was more than enough to survive in Bangalore. but as it will be your first month so I suggested 12000.

I hope this article you find helpful.

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