Finally, I Got Job In Bangalore

After 7 Months Of Struggle In Bangalore As job seeker, Finally I got my first job in startup as web developer

I Got Job In Bangalore
I Got Job In Bangalore

People who are my regular followers. they know I was struggling to get a job in Bangalore. I made 3 videos on my youtube channel. I am writing this blog to share how a fresher job in Bangalore. If you are not able to get a job in college placement. don’t worry Bangalore provides opportunities for freshers to get jobs in the IT industry.

The above articles contain my job seeker journey so far. & now I got a job finally.

A guide on what to do right after graduation - Cutacut

My Fight ended. I will make one web series for job seekers from my experience and name it Fight For Getting Job.

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Bazinga! I Got Job Guys.

I used to believe “Bure Waqt Ki Ek Baat Achi Hoti Hai Wo Bhi Guzar Jata Hai” and look I got the job of my interest my profile in a startup was “Web Developer”, the salary was a little less (13,000 Per Months ).

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but my sister was not happy because she thinks I deserve better. she asked me to not join a startup. But I am not in the situation to take the risk. because I was dying inside daily without a job. I Attended the Interview on 01 January 2018 and got my result on 15 January and joining on 16 January the next day.

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Job Seeker Phase Was Worst Phase Of My Life

So In college campus placement. I am unable to get a job, it is not like I don’t get a chance. but I don’t know why I got rejected by 14 good companies.

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During My college campus placement in 4th year. I started appearing in campus placements started with Tek System, Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro, Capgemini, L&T, Tech Mahindra, Amdocs, Tata Technologies, Daffodil, and many more. I got rejected by all these companies. because i am not able to clear the first round itself because I am dumb in maths.

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I completed B.E. from Lakshmi Narain College Of Technology Bhopal from Computer Science me they have good campus placement. if Anuj Garg is still Training And Placement Officer of LNCT Bhopal.

Lakshmi Narain College of Technology (LNCT) college

I completed college without Job, and I remember once Anuj Garg told in an orientation session.

you guys are getting a job and the chance you will understand the value when you go outside you will understand how hard and tough it is to get a job and opportunity.

he was right. I don’t know what went wrong in college. I consider 2017 to be the worst year of my life. I was living my life with regret in the 4th year. I even don’t click a single picture with anyone in college. I don’t know why but I start experiencing a change in myself. from a fun-loving backbencher who was extrovert to becoming a silent and introvert type of person. it’s like I am dead inside not able to sleep properly. always thinking about a job when I will get a job.

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I started feeling the world is moving forward but you are not moving anywhere. I don’t want to recall I completed college and started from the beginning.

  1. I Moved To Bangalore
  2. Start Struggling In Bangalore Street for Job
  3. Taking Right Steps In Order to get job

When I am close to getting success for getting job

I start working hard for my preparation, I never bunked my jspider coaching classes. first time I got serious in my life. because there is no other option left for me.

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I start rectifying my mistakes. whatever the interviewer asked me in an interview, if I am not able to answer I come back home to prepare that topic. I attended many interviews it give me an idea of what the interviewer can ask. So based on that I stop studying everything but what the interviewer mainly asked I start focusing on those topics and subjects.

One Month Underground

In the month of December 2017, I was underground just studying, attending my coaching & Preparing for the next walkins.

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I stop attending a single walk-in in the month of December. why because I thought if I am not prepared and by mistake, I clear the first round in the technical round I am having fear what if he asked me to write code. so first I need confidence if the interviewer asks me anything I know the answer to each and every question. also, I decided I will not go home until I get a job I already missed Diwali and the new year.

Welcome 2018

I remember that night, when I was studying, what is singleton classes in java and suddenly everyone from their PG room and balcony starts shouting a happy new year. and I am like WTF, life is hard. I called my best friend: MOTTA to wish New year. To Be honest I called her because I start feeling low it happens with all job seekers in Bangalore. but trust me I studied so hard in December that if I studied like this in KOTA then I can crack IIT. I studied everything from javatpoint, geeksforgeeks, and studytonight.

based on my night study routine I have written one line:-

Don’t Sleep Until You Are Satisfied With Your Day

Finally, I Got Job

I was happy and confident in 2018. because I have studied everything that the interviewer asked in the past and also what is important created. my own answer’s for HR like, where do you want to see yourself after 5 years I prepared to answer that will impress HR for sure. I have done all this in the month of December. I was sure I will get a job soon. On 3rd January 2018, I have attended a walk-in in one startup in Domlur layout where more than 1000 people appeared. but guess what I go selected. and here is the full video that I posted on youtube.

I was the only one who got selected why because of my confidence and preparation for December. Finally, I Got a Job As a Web Developer In Startup. I just want to end this post with this note:

Bangalore Mehnat Karne Walon Ko Khali Hath Kabhi Nahi Bhejta.

If you want to prepare and get help on what steps I followed. I hope this article help job seeker and people who are facing the same situation as me and if you have any questions drop in comment section.

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